Northgate St, Gloucester

Potter & Holmes were commissioned to take on this complex project involving the remodelling of the upper floors of a corner site in the centre of Gloucester and the addition of a further floor.

The proximity to the cathedral limited the extent of the upper floor and an entire section of the existing building had to be removed to create a shared courtyard to give light and air to the flats in the centre of the plan.

22 flats have been created, the majority are studios for young single people. Every flat is provided with a bicycle, stored in the communal parts at ground level.

Completion date: Summer 2007
Contract value: £1.45m
Client: The Adaptable Development Company Limited

Musgrove Park

Prindion House

Youngs Orchard

Dolphins Square

Notting Hill Gate

Great Guildford Street


Northgate Street

Old Chapel

House in the Cotswolds

Ambler Children's Centre

Robert Blair School