Musgrove Park MSCP Taunton


Best New Car Park, 2007
British Parking Association

Potter & Holmes Architects designed the £6.3 million, 736 space multi-storey car park at Musgrove Park Hospital which was awarded the prestigious ParkMark award, recognising the high standards of safety and security inherent in its design, and also the European Standards Parking Award (ESPA).

Cedar wood panels form a striking cladding for the building and the construction includes natural stone encased in galvanised mesh for support. For many, the highlight is the light sculpture: an ‘art for life’ installation by artist Peter Freeman incorporated into the façade with coloured fluorescent fittings installed between the angled timber slats. The coloured bands of light create a luminous woven texture. Additional lights in the stairwells create a complete 3D spatial experience.

Inside the car park is open and has a feel of cleanliness and space. The car park decks are easy to keep clean and maintain, as a result of the light-reflective coating, which also provides a bright and welcoming appearance. The ramps and driving aisles are wide to ease circulation and wide parking bays are clearly defined enabling drivers to get in and out of cars comfortably.

The stairs and other open areas are finished with tiles, and the walls are painted in light grey for easy cleaning and maintenance. Most doors have vision panels and lifts have fully glazed doors to increase the sense of security.



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