Musgrove Park Hospital Multistorey Car Park

Potter + Holmes have set a new benchmark in the healthcare sector for car parking.

This multi-storey car park on the hospital campus in Taunton was designed jointly by Potter + Holmes and Q-Park.

Prestigious Awards to date include:

  • ParkMark Award, recognising the high standards of safety and security inherent in its design
  • European Standards Parking Award (ESPA)

Special cedar wood louvers form a striking cladding that softens the building's impact and allows it to blend into the area.

For many, the highlight is the light sculpture: an 'art for life' installation incorporated into the facade and consisting of fluorescent fittings with coloured filters installed between the angled slats.

Inside the car park is open, airy and has a feel of cleanliness and space. The car park decks are easy to keep clean and maintain, as a result of the light-reflective coating, which also provides a bright and welcoming appearance. The ramps and driving aisles are wide to ease the circulation and the wide parking bays are clearly defined with black rectangles and enable drivers to get in and out of cars comfortably.

Completion date: 2006
Contract value: £6.3m
Client: Q-Park Ltd


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