London Road Kingston




Winner of Tony Leitch Prize for Townscape 2010 award in recognition of the buildings contribution to enhancing Kingston.

The project to refurbish this dilapidated local landmark tram sub-station into offices took 4 planning applications and 2 years to approve including consultation with English Heritage and archaeological investigations.

Masonry walls were seamlessly repaired and tied back to a new steel frame supporting new concrete floors to replace rotten timber, and new internal walls. Windows were renewed to match existing yet become thermally up to date as part of measures to insulate the whole structure more than is currently mandatory.

Likewise a lift and new stairs formed part of comprehensive measures to make the building fully accessible to all. A smart roof terrace with views towards the town centre replaces leaking slates and private car and cycle parking replaces a grubby yard.

The project involves the addition of about 100% to existing floor area within this tight urban site. Approximate floor area of completed project 400 sqm. The hitherto scruffy eyesore is once more a gracious element of the historic townscape adjoining the town centre as well as an important generator of local employment and contributor to the area’s wealth.

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