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Potter and Holmes are award-winning London architects with 25 years experience, broad ranging interests and ambitions working in a multi-specialist practice with excellent client relationships. Our design ethos is to bring thoughtful and inspiring solutions to buildings unique to each project. As London architects we design for low maintenance, adaptability, to preserve and conserve the environment and for a sustainable future. By consulting effectively we deliver high quality design within the budget costs and are strongly committed to working both locally and nationally. London architects Potter and Holmes offer Passive House design services in addition to full architectural design consultancy..

A London Architects with a Sustainable Approach

London architects Potter & Holmes excel in cutting-edge, low energy design on a broad range of projects including community, commercial & education buildings, housing developments, apartments and one-off, adaptable family homes. As one of the most respected London architects work closely with our clients to ensure their individual design is carefully tailored to meet their needs and to exceed their expectations.

Our buildings strive to be high quality stimulating practical long term investments for the future. Several of our houses have been built to meet the low energy targets the government intends to be standard in 2016. Potter and Holmes are one of the most respected London architects to adapt Passive House standards, the german standard with much higher aspirations for comfort and minimal energy consumption, which exceed the UK 2016 goals.






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