Dolphin Square Refurbishment

Potter & Holmes brought life to the once exhausted common parts of the residential areas of Dolphin Square, SW1 in London

The brief was to appeal to much younger image conscious, urban professionals removing the dated stigma that had previously prevailed. Gone are the tired carpets, the dim lights and the dull wallpaper. Suspended linear lights and pale monochrome walls, have taken their place. Bold, contemporary signage enhances and informs the route.

The carpet, a key element in the 5.5 kilometres of corridor, has a contemporary design, colourful and striped, with references to the earlier art deco heritage of the building, providing visual interest and livening up the areas.

The 12 entrance areas have received a radical makeover: each seen as an event along the ribbon of the ground floor corridor that links the whole square.

Subtle variations between the houses, each named after a different admiral and sporting information about his naval career, are reunited by the contrasting porcelain tile flooring.

The new treatment plays up the strengths of the existing building, including classical joinery features and cornices, while creating a focal point by adding a framed grid of light to accentuate arrival. The overall effect is a glowing, welcoming destination.

Completion date: May 2007
Contract value: £1.9m
Client: Mantilla Holdings


Musgrove Park

Prindion House

Youngs Orchard

Dolphins Square

Notting Hill Gate

Great Guildford Street


Northgate Street

Old Chapel

House in the Cotswolds

Ambler Children's Centre

Robert Blair School