Collyer Bristow




Collyer Bristow Solicitors have been in continuous occupation of the property on Bedford Row since the 18th Century. This is the latest of many refurbishments of this listed building, the last being in 1992. The firm has an Art Gallery which has held 8 exhibitions a year since 1992 and this has been incorporated into the heart of the building with seven meeting rooms linked to the central space.

The reception area has handkerchief ceilings based on precedents by Soane, which provide canopied waiting spaces. These are set out by a golden section proportioning system as is the ‘Fibonacci’ Meeting Room adjacent which is a Golden Section cuboid. All areas are designed to provide an environment that shows off the changing art displays to best effect. Furniture has been carefully selected from classic modern designers and the reception desk is of timber veneers, based on an opening tropical flower.

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