Civic Quarter MSCP Doncaster




  • 850 space refurbished car park
  • Key element of £330m Doncaster Civic Quarter Regeneration project
  • Working within framework of complex masterplan to provide adequate parking for area of city undergoing extensive transformation
  • New offices, cashiers desk and customer centre, including new DDA compliant toilet
  • New DDA compliant lifts within existing lift shafts to latest BS requirements

The refurbishment of the Civic Quarter Car Park in Doncaster to provide parking for the Civic and Cultural Quarter has transformed the car park from a neglected 1960s building into a high class modern facility that makes a positive contribution to the improved urban realm.

Potter and Holmes' design simplified the entry/exit route to take advantage of the original grand entry portal, converting the ground floor from a bus station to car parking and incorporates parking management systems, access control and CCTV systems.

Enhanced facades, bold signage, careful use of colour, and improved lighting create a car park fit to be the gateway to the new Civic & Cultural Quarter.

PDF of Civic and Cultural Quarter Masterplan
Civic Quarter Car Park - Doncaster Council


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